Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Presentation Topics

Here are the Student Presentation Topics. We tried to arrange them according to people's interests and also to cover a broad range of topics.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to switch topics for any reason. Most "groups" are pairs; some people proposed new ideas and others are welcome to join them. Jenn and Ruby will be available to help and consult or participate in the student presentations to whatever extent you (the student presenters) want us to be involved.

Week 4

February 12

Biopsychosocial Perspectives (continued)
Ruby & Jenn

Violence Against Women


Week 5

February 19

Religion, Race/Ethnicity and Violence

Jenn &:

1. Janelle

2. Anna G

Week 6

February 26

Intimate Partner Violence, Domestic Violence

Perpetrators of Violence

1. Amanda

2. Kate

Week 7

March 4

Child Sexual Abuse

1. Diana

2. ___________________________________________


1. Ronna

2. ___________________________________________

Week 8

March 11

War, Crimes Against Humanity, and Genocide Macro

Ruby &:

1. Ana S

2. Jenn K.

3. Nathan

4. Natasha

Week 9

March 18

Violence, Poverty, and Crime

1. Ellen Joe

2. Reed

(March 25)


Week 10

April 1

Sexual Violence and Rape

1. Ruby

2. ___________________________________________

Violence Against LGBTQ populations

1. Maureen

2. Reese

Week 11

April 8

Interventions for Trauma Part 1: Individual Interventions

Greg Merrill

Week 12

April 15

Interventions for Violence and Trauma Part 2:

Child-Parent Psychotherapy; Family Therapy Mezzo

Jenn & Ruby

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